Prasanna Prasad appointed CTO of Verve Group

June 1st, 2023

NEW YORK, JUNE 1, 2023Verve Group, an advertising technology ecosystem and a part of Media Games Invest, announced that Prasanna Prasad has been appointed as Chief Technical Officer, effective today. The announcement was made by Sameer Sondhi, co-CEO of Verve Group and CRO of Media and Games Invest.

With nearly 20 years of relevant engineering and technology experience, Prasad will be responsible for shaping the strategy for Verve Group’s portfolio of technology services. Throughout his career, Prasad has been recognized for his efforts in building large-scale platforms and shaping winning technology-led business strategies.

Prior to joining Verve Group, Prasad served as Chief Technology Officer and Head of Data Sciences at InMobi, where he led a team of nearly 350 engineers and technologists across India, UK, and North America. While at InMobi, he spearheaded the technology strategy for InMobi’s Advertising Cloud and platforms, growing the InMobi SSP and DSP into fully fledged business units.

“With an exceptional track record in technological innovation and deep expertise in the ad-tech industry, Prasanna brings an unparalleled vision and leadership that will propel our company to new heights,” said Sondhi. “His passion for leveraging cutting-edge technologies and his commitment to driving transformative solutions will empower the advertisers and publishers who rely on Verve Group and revolutionize the way we deliver targeted advertising. All of us at Verve Group look forward to the incredible achievements that lie ahead under Prasanna’s strategic guidance and forward-thinking approach.”

Prasad has also served as Senior Director, Engineering for Tribune Digital Ventures (acquired by Gracenote) in Bangalore. While there, he led the development of its Indian technology presence, growing to nearly 35 people and establishing a credible tech brand in the market. He has also held engineering and software roles for Amazon, Flipkart, and Yahoo!

“Verve Group has positively stood out for how it has built out its core advertising business in a relatively short span of time, competing across the global spectrum and portfolio of digital advertising products,” said Prasad. “Building atop some of these foundational investments over the past few years and deriving multiplicative synergy and customer value from the building blocks through differentiating AI and technology solutions will be the largest opportunity area for the Group over the next few quarters.”

Prasad noted that he sees such large independent players as Verve Group taking the lead in defining the advertising technology sector’s new world of standards that address the duality of advertiser needs and user data sensitivities in a compliant, transparent, efficient, and interoperable manner. 

“Advertising landscapes are currently at interesting crossroads, with marketers on one hand expecting deeper and clearer visibility into returns on their spends while users and publishers are getting more conscious and selective around how their data assets are collected, leveraged and shared,” Prasad explained. “Leading your product and GTM strategy with differentiating technology built on core and fully consented data assets is imperative to long term sustenance in this highly dynamic market. Now more than ever, the playing field is leveling out with such companies as Verve Group being able to do this effectively through machine-optimized technology and collaborative and open standards. Ultimately, companies like Verve Group will leapfrog incumbents into taking a leadership position in the market.”

About Verve Group (

Verve Group has created a more efficient and privacy-focused way to buy and monetize advertising. Verve Group is an ecosystem of demand and supply technologies fusing data, media, and technology together to deliver results and growth to both advertisers and publishers — no matter the screen or location, no matter who, what, or where a customer is. With 22 offices across the globe and with an eye on servicing forward-thinking advertising customers, Verve Group’s solutions are trusted by more than 90 of the United States’ top 100 advertisers, 4,000 publishers globally, and the world’s top demand-side platforms. Verve Group is a subsidiary of Media and Games Invest (MGI). 

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This press release originally appeared on EIN Presswire.

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