Verve Group Announces Migration to Google Cloud

Press release: PubNative, part of Verve, cut down on computing costs by 30% by switching its data processing and compute workloads to Google Cloud Platform.


PubNative, as part of Verve Group, has recently switched its data processing and compute workloads to Google Cloud Platform. Cloud computing holds an important position in the AdTech environment and can easily become the bottleneck in regards to network performance and costs. Therefore, finding the right cloud computing providers can often be challenging.

Choosing a Cloud-Based Computing Provider

Before selecting a cloud-based computing provider, several different aspects need to be taken into consideration. From representing the required metrics to the amount of cloud components available – deciding on the ideal cloud platform provider takes time to weigh up the options. When looking for solutions on a group company level with different infrastructural backgrounds, taking all hypothetical use cases and factors into account can be extensive and time-consuming. In the end, both the usability of the service, as well as the migration and training effort should be taken into account when deciding on a provider. Solutions such as Google Cloud Platform with powerful UIs and flexible API integrations let PubNative optimize its processes and decrease time to market KPIs for new features.

How Verve Group Decreased Computing Costs By 30%

Google Cloud is a public cloud platform that can offer performant and scalable solutions including data storage, computing, data analytics, and machine learning. By migrating to Google Cloud, PubNative and Verve Group gained maximum flexibility with effective application models, sophisticated analytics, AI applications, and access to extensive data storage. The group of companies also benefit from Google Cloud’s cost-efficient plans and were able to cut down on computing costs by 30%.

“With the migration to Google Cloud, we now have all the tools we need to scale our business quickly and without risking the loss of processing power.”
– Mike Thomas, Contract Specialist, Verve Group

“We are happy to have PubNative which is now part of the Verve Group on board with Google Cloud and help the companies to reduce computing costs with our Google Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine solutions.”
– Andrew Foley, Sector Lead Digital Natives & Mittelstand, Germany, Google Cloud

One of the main benefits for PubNative as an SSP and ad exchange lies in the increase of PubNative’s network performance. Now, the company is able to ramp up traffic fast without any negative impact on network stability or connectivity. With Google Cloud, PubNative and Verve Group have found a reliable and stable solution for fast data processing, which is especially essential for the company’s in-app bidding solution. In addition to that, Google Cloud’s data is secured via Cloud Armor which is verified by a myriad of certifications.

About Verve Group

Verve Group is a global brand performance ad platform connecting brands and publishers to people in real time. Its in-app data platform provides a brand-safe and transparent programmatic and managed-service solution by overlaying location-contextual audiences onto premium enriched global and local supply for brand performance campaigns. Verve Group is trusted by top Fortune 500 global digital brands with direct connections to over 4,000 premium publishers and apps worldwide. Verve Group is part of Media and Games Invest (MGI) and has an international presence of over 200 employees in 25+ offices globally, spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

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