Verve Group Launches New Pilot Program Promising Connected TV Re-engagement for Game Console Audiences

May 17th, 2022

EDITOR’S NOTE: This news was featured in VentureBeat on May 13, 2022

CARLSBAD, CA, USA, May 16, 2022 — Verve Group, a global consumer-first advertising suite, today announced that it has unlocked previously untapped gaming console audiences for re-engagement on connected TV (CTV), in conjunction with parent company Media and Games Invest (MGI) and its gaming segment gamigo group, a leading publisher of online and mobile games. This first-of-its-kind pilot in the industry demonstrates the new end-to-end stack capabilities built via Verve Group’s robust M&A strategy, which enables buyers to reach consumers through an omnichannel experience and with efficiencies of scale. 

The initial phase of this cross-channel reactivation pilot involved a series of tests with Trove, a popular gamigo massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. Trove’s lapsed users were divided into two subsets and were separated by their time of inactivity in the game. By uploading this data (consisting of only US-based users) onto its in-house data platform, Verve Group was able to successfully reactivate lapsed gamers through targeted campaigns via Verve Group’s DSP and by utilizing the CTV inventory available through Verve Group’s SSP. The pilot program was conducted in compliance with applicable privacy laws. 

The pilot program’s gaming campaign saw 34% lower CPMs than on other available channels and a 12-fold higher conversion rate. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of CTV re-engagement of gamers for both gaming publishers looking to reactivate lapsed users, as well as advertisers and brands looking to effectively market their products to an ever-growing cord-cutting audience. More prominently, the success of the campaign showcases the ability of CTV to offer high attention ad units to capture interest from a specific audience, while increasing brand awareness to align with a broader omnichannel marketing strategy. 

Games People–And Advertisers–Play

The average amount of time that consumers spend gaming continues to skyrocket, and gaming is becoming an increasingly omnichannel experience, with gamers routinely moving from one device to another. New advertising paradigms are required as a result to reach audiences, and Verve Group is now the sole platform positioned to unlock these cross-channel connections, helping publishers and advertisers connect with consumers on multiple platforms to serve relevant advertising experiences. Current M&A trends in the industry focused on the convergence of CTV and gaming further highlight the importance of a multichannel approach to connect with audiences in a relevant manner and where they are most active.

“The blueprint for gaming publishers and advertisers to reach the ever-elusive gaming community is now here,” said Merv Lee Kwai, Chief Gaming Officer of gamigo group. “Even as users continue to game across multiple platforms, it is possible to capture their attention with the right omnichannel offering. We are thrilled to introduce such an impactful innovation to the industry.” 

“Programs and innovations like this demonstrate why Verve Group is so committed to executing strategic acquisitions and then investing in building the connections among our divisions that will help cross-channel marketers connect with consumers in a meaningful yet privacy-first way,” said Ionut Ciobotaru, Co-CEO at Verve Group. “With the rise in cross-play games, this solution presents a scalable way to help buyers tap into these premium, highly sought-after audiences. Gaming companies are vying for their audiences’ attention in the midst of a fragmented and crowded market, and the ability to re-engage users across devices offers an opportunity for them to engage with their users in a timely and relevant manner. This is just the first of many new connections we expect to unlock for clients to help them acquire and retain their audiences across devices.” 

Following on from this test and the promising results, Verve Group is looking to expand the offering to desktop gamers as well as mobile advertisers to improve performance campaign KPIs by coupling them with CTV. The announcement comes on the heels of similar innovations from Verve Group made possible by the company’s proven buy-and-build strategy to facilitate long-term organic growth. Verve Group remains committed to providing premier solutions for advertisers and publishers navigating the industry’s most pressing challenges. 

About Verve Group

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