Programmatic for Ecommerce: Amplify and Protect Your Brand

By Reagan McNameeKing
Senior Content Marketing Manager
December 20, 2022

“It takes years to build a brand, and seconds to destroy one.” This old marketing adage is kind of terrifying, and the stakes are even higher in today’s age of digital marketing. For online sellers trying to build the best ecommerce marketing strategy, programmatic advertising can seem overwhelming and unwieldy. The idea of advertising on “the open internet” might even sound like the Wild West. However, it’s actually a smart way to spread the word about your ecommerce business while ensuring brand safety and brand suitability.

What do eCommerce retailers need to know about brand safety vs. brand suitability?

In this overview, we’ll cover:

  • Negative adjacency
  • Positive adjacency
  • What consumers expect from brands’ ads
  • How to measure brand suitability

Programmatic isn’t just for big brands and high-powered agencies. Small- and medium-sized businesses can get in on the fun. This is a huge opportunity, especially for ecommerce. In late 2022, the Shopify app store started offering Match2One, a programmatic advertising platform, so ecommerce merchants can build and manage campaigns directly within Shopify. Match2One (now part of Verve Group) also offers extensive brand safety controls, so sellers can feel confident that their business is protected from negative associations while building positive awareness.

Learn more about what programmatic advertising can do for ecommerce merchants over on the Match2One blog:

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