Expect the extraordinary: A forecast of Advertising Week New York 2022

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Marketers and advertisers can’t resist any opportunity for a cleverly-worded theme. True to form, the name of the game for Advertising Week New York is all about “celebrating the confluence of culture, commerce, and creativity.”

Over the course of four jam-packed days (October 17-20), AWNewYork will bring together the world’s leading advertisers and visionaries. The conference will explore topics ranging from shifts in culture to advances in technology, the social impact of advertising, and beyond. According to event organizers, the event is expected to attract over 10,000 attendees, both in-person and virtually.

By the Numbers: #AWNewYork 2022

  • 8 hybrid stages
  • 500+ speakers
  • 200+ hybrid events
  • 26 themed tracks

With so much great programming, it’s a little overwhelming to know where to start when trying to prioritize which AWNewYork sessions and presentations to attend. For some food for thought, here are some of what Verve expects to be the hottest topics and most exciting emerging trends to keep an eye out for during AWNewYork this year.

  • Privacy in advertising.
    Call us a little biased on this topic’s importance here at Verve (we are, after all, a privacy-first omnichannel advertising platform), but the plethora of sessions related to privacy in advertising is a sure sign that this is a top priority.
  • AI in programmatic advertising.
    Stakeholders in programmatic are increasingly investing in using artificial intelligence for generating creative, as well as continually optimizing machine learning for RTB and inventory management.
  • Opportunities in CTV.
    Advances in CTV, cross-platform measurement, and scaling and leveraging the vast amount of data required for successful CTV makes collaboration, transparency, and accountability more critical than ever.

Join Verve at Advertising Week New York:
‘Moments Are the New Cookies’

Wednesday, October 18, at 12:35 p.m.

Verve’s Raman Sidhu and Mike Zarilli from our partners at Getty Images are presenting on how moments-based marketing, compelling imagery, and contextual targeting can serve as an alternative to  cookies’ functionalities — without the use of tracking technologies.

This session, as part of AWNewYork’s Modern Marketing & Analytics track, will unpack new innovations to get ahead of the inevitable death of cookies? Join us on Wednesday, October 18, at 12:35 p.m. Sidhu and Zarilli will take the stage at Insights Arena, but virtual attendees are welcome to tune in for a livestream of the presentation as well.

New York, Here We Come

Well, that’s our preview of what to look forward to at this year’s Advertising Week New York! What are you most excited for? Hope to see you in Manhattan this October!

PS – You can keep an eye on future events we’ll be attending here.

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