The Mobile Viewability Challenge and the Verve Solution

What is mobile viewability, and what are the challenges in measurement? Download the report now.

Viewability is a digital advertising metric that tracks the percentage of impressions that are considered viewable by users.

Mobile interfaces, user behavior, and the app environment present several challenges to both viewability and viewability measurement. Potentially this can lead to a lower percentage of in-view impressions or pose technical obstacles for measurement.



To solve the viewability challenge, Verve provides accredited measurement and viewability-based transactions for mobile display and interstitial video.

This four-page report covers the mobile viewability challenge, and the Verve solution, including:

  • What Is Viewability Measurement?
  • Why Is Mobile Viewability Important?
  • Mobile Viewability Methods and Challenges
  • The Verve Solution
  • Creative Experiences Designed for Viewability

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