Case Study:
Action Sports Brand

Consumers within close proximity of the retailer saw a banner or interstitial ad featuring a dollar-off or buy-get offer.


A well-known action sports brand wanted to make the most of the back-to-school shopping season by driving shoppers to its retail locations in priority markets around the country.


To achieve the goal of increasing foot traffic, Verve™ developed custom audience segments and served an offer-based ad unit to entice consumers to visit local stores. In addition to geo-fencing retailer locations, custom back-to-school or expressive-creator overlays were added to ensure audience segments that most closely aligned with the retailer’s intended consumer were reached. Back-to-school shoppers were identified based on their location history and propensity to visit stores selling school supplies, while the expressive creators group were identified by their age and interests in order to align with the youth culture and lifestyle associated with action sports.

When within close proximity of the retailer, consumers saw a banner or interstitial ad featuring a dollar-off or buy-get offer. Tapping on the ad took the consumer to the retailer’s store locator and provided more details about the offer.


  • Nearly 9.0% Store-Visit Lift
  • Over 36,000 Store Visits
  • Under $3.50 Cost Per Store Visit
  • Greater Than 0.40% Click-Through Rate

The audience overlays in conjunction with geo-fencing retail locations in select metro areas produced solid conversion rates as well as incremental increase in visitation to stores. In alignment with the retailer’s typical consumer, the young, hip, and active consumer groups indexed the strongest for store conversion rates.

Overall, both back-to-school and expressive creator overlay tactics saw CTR higher than industry benchmark. While expressive-creators generated higher CTR metrics, the back-to-school segment spent more time engaging with the creative.

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