Verve selects Adelaide as attention measurement partner for contextual targeting capabilities

Press release: With attention metrics expected to reshape advertising success, Verve adopts Adelaide’s AU attention metric as a pivotal advancement in digital advertising.


Verve Group, an advertising technology ecosystem and a part of Media Games Invest, today (October 13th, 2022) announced that it has selected Adelaide as its preferred attention measurement partner for Verve Group’s contextual targeting platforms.

Verve Group will work with Adelaide to drive media quality measurement for clients using its Moments.AI and Visual Intent contextual targeting solutions. Future initiatives include expanding the partnership across other channels and business units, including CTV and Verve Group’s curated PMP business.

According to a recent survey issued by The Attention Council (TAC), more than 90% of marketing professionals believe attention metrics will soon augment legacy metrics. As marketers continue to seek smarter ways to measure advertising success, Verve Group believes that Adelaide’s omnichannel attention metric, AU, signals where the future of digital and mobile advertising is headed.

“When the average consumer’s attention span lasts for no more than 8 seconds, and with so many brands marketing their products and services in an omnichannel environment, measuring attention is as important if not more so than standard campaign KPIs, such as CTR, VCR or foot traffic,” said Stephanie Vandenberg, SVP of revenue for Verve Group. “Adelaide provides Verve Group clients with an added advantage that is so needed in the marketplace.”

Adelaide has partnered with global brands and agencies to measure media quality across entire media buys using its omnichannel AU attention metric. AU is generated by a machine learning algorithm trained to proxy outcomes, blending media quality indicators, brand outcomes, and conversion data, as well as eye-tracking and attention research to predict any placement’s ability to capture attention and drive impact. Using AU, advertisers can uncover valuable optimisation opportunities, including pockets of inventory that are high-quality with low-cost. Adelaide’s AU currently supports measurement across display and OLV, social media platforms, CTV, linear TV, audio, and soon, digital out-of-home, offering an apples-to-apples measure of advertising effectiveness independent of creative and audience. 

High-quality media that offers an opportunity to capture attention, along with contextually relevant content, are critical to driving brand outcomes. By incorporating Adelaide’s AU into Verve Group’s suite of contextual advertising products, Verve clients can now achieve deeper insight into how campaigns are performing across both of these key drivers.

Leveraging Moments.AI’s breakthrough data processing technology, visual content, keywords, semantics, meta tags, and other elements are analysed and assigned a confidence score within 10 milliseconds to deliver ads against the most recent and relevant content. And with Visual Intent (an exclusive offering for Verve Group clients), brands can engage consumers in highly desired cultural, sports, and entertainment-focused moments across the open internet. Visual Intent allows marketers to target relevant, brand-safe content in real-time with advertising placed adjacent to visual content from Getty Images. 

“We know investing in higher quality media drives better outcomes,” said Marc Guldimann, CEO of Adelaide. “Additionally, we’ve found that there is a correlation between the efficiency of dollars spent and the success of a brand’s contextual targeting. We’re eager to partner with Verve Group to find new ways to make attention an important part of Moments.AI and Visual Intent.”

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